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Tote Pan Systems

For efficient use of storage space and movement of stock, tailor your tote pan system to suit your requirements. Galvanised steel or plastic tote pans, mesh tote baskets, stacking racks, feeder racks, pallet and cantilever racks to name but a few - the choice is endless!

Pick-up trolleys, rack trolleys, under worktop and order picking trolleys give even greater flexibility in movement of stock.

galvanised tote pans

Galvanised Steel Tote Pans and Accessories

Universal stacking design with reinforced rim; easy grip handles and cardholder at each end.
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tote baskets

Mesh Tote Baskets

Zinc or plastic in 12 or 25mm wire mesh.
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tote pan racks

Tote Pan Racks

Standard Racking for the workplace and storeroom.
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stacking rack

Stacking Racks

For Tote Pans; interstacking two or three shelf units designed for flexibility or to increase storage height.
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high density stack rack

High Density Racks

For steel or plastic tote pans
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tote pan work stands

Tote Pan Work Stands

For press operators and assembly areas.
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counter bench units

Counter Bench Units

For general purpose parts storage with galvanised steel worktops.
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cantilever racks

Cantilever Racks

For display and storage areas; three or four pans wide; 305mm; 455mm or 610mm deep.
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pallet rack

Pallet Racks

With pans individually located on angle guide rails; designed to stack up to 4 high.
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feeder racks

Lineside Racks

For line-side storage with rear loading shelves and bottom horizontal return shelf for empty pans.
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tote pan bogey

Tote Pan Bogies

For moving loaded tote pans.
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rack trolley

Rack Trolleys

A mobile storage unit to keep components close at hand.
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Picking Stands

Tote Pans located on tilted shelves, for easy selection of components.
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(Calls will cost 7p per minute plus your phone company's access charge)


Please note that while we keep some items in stock for immediate despatch, the majority of products are manufactured to order. Whilst we will endeavour to deliver within 10-14 working days, some items may take slightly longer depending on current work loads. If a delivery date is critical, please contact our office first, and we will do our very best to help.

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